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Pamic Industries, Inc. is making over 200 popular parts for Komatsu trucks,  P&H shovels and GE control systems.  

                                              Major Equipment We Make

                                 Alternator GTA41 for 830E-AC and 930E-4

                                 Blower XA4146(5GY19L8)

                                 Wheel Motor Assembly 5GEB25C for 830E-AC

                                 Wheel Motor Assembly 5GDY106A for 930E-4

                                 Grid Resistor Box Assembly for 930E-4, -3

                                 Grid Resistor Box Assembly for 830E-AC

                                 We supply all components for above assemblies.

Current hot selling items: Gate Driver GE0391, GTO Panel GE0153, GE0154, Thyristor GE0664, Card GE0308, GE0309, 17FB173, 17FB174, 17FB179, 17FB104, 17FB160, 17FB173, 17FB187, 17FB190, 17FB127, 17FB134, 17FB138, 17FB143, 17FB144, 17FB147, Capacitor GE0169, GE0566, XA4876, IGBT GE1255,GE1256, Contactor GE0647, VE1317, Contact Kit GE1836, GE1075.